DVSA and TSO reach one million downloads across their portfolio of apps

TSO and DVSA are delighted to announce that they’ve reached one million downloads across all official DVSA apps.
The Official DVSA app range includes the Theory Test Kit, Hazard Perception Practice and The Official Highway Code, which all have a wealth of five-star reviews.
The Theory Test Kit is one of the most popular from the range: it’s not only the number one theory test app on the market but consistently ranks as the number one paid for app across all categories of the UK iTunes app chart.
If you’re planning to learn to drive or just want to improve your driving or riding skills, then give the official DVSA apps a spin.
All three official DVSA apps are available to download from the iOS App Store, starting at £2.99. The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Android devices is available to download from both Google Play and Amazon, priced at £4.99.
Theory Test Kit app
The Theory Test Kit app provides information on all 14 topics to help you understand the theory fully and allows you to answer questions on topics to see how much you’ve learnt, including practice case studies. The app includes every official DVSA car theory test revision question and answer.
It consists of 10 official DVSA practice hazard perception interactive video clips and an introduction to the test. There are also plenty of extra features to help you prepare for your test and beyond, including The Official Highway Code and a voiceover option. The app makes revision on the go really simple with a clear 3-step approach: study, practice and mock tests.
Hazard Perception Practice
There are 14 interactive hazard perception video clips for you to practice on, so you can see how the test works and develop your skills. It’s ideal for car, lorry and bus drivers, motorcyclists and trainee driving instructors.
The Official Highway Code
The app allows you to read and search the complete contents of The Official Highway Code and allows you to track your progress as you read, and check what you’ve learnt with a quick test at the end of each section.
You can browse signs or use the interactive sign matcher to find signs and road markings. The app offers quizzes, making it a fun way to insure your knowledge is up-to-date. It offers plenty of extra features including a stopping distance calculator, metric convertor and videos, The Highway Code is for all road users, including car, van, lorry, bus, tractor drivers, motorbike, bicycle, horse riders and also pedestrians.

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