DVSA and NASP publish revised ADI Code of Practice

A revised version of the ADI Code of Practice has been jointly published by DVSA and the National Associations Strategic Partnership. It has been updated to reflect modern practices in the delivery of driver training and the management of a training school business.
The Code outlines the standards of conduct expected of professional trainers, both in terms of their interaction with pupils and the delivery of learning, as well as how they manage their business. Revisions include guidance on the use of social media as a marketing and communications tool and managing customer relationships in an appropriate and professional manner.
Whilst the Code remains voluntary, it is reasonably expected that the majority of professional ADIs will sign up to it and endeavour to comply with its key principles and practices. Many ADIs already deliver to these standards, but setting out the stall for what ‘professional conduct’ should be for an industry is valuable, not just in terms of providing a framework for driver trainers themselves, but also in educating the public as to what they should expect from a driver training provider. And reflecting that desire to use the code as a way of promoting professional trainers to the public, a special logo has been created for ADIs who wish to promote to pupils that they support the Code.
The ‘ADI Code of Practice – I’ve signed up!’ tick marque is available to download from the NASP website and can be used on trainer’s websites and other promotional literature as a sign of their commitment to upholding professional standards. An accompanying ‘Continuing Professional Development – I’m taking part’ logo is also available for those who wish to demonstrate their commitment, as a training and education professional, to continually developing their own skills and knowledge.
A downloadable version of the Code itself is also availablehereand on the NASP website.

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