Drivers urged to take care on roads after snow storm hits UK

Drivers have been urged to take care on the roads after snow storms across the UK.
The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice and have issued advice to all drivers to allow extra time for their journeys.
An average car journey of 45 minutes will probably take an hour to complete because of the adverse weather. This could be due to increased accidents on the roads and more cautious driving, according to data from navigation app Waze.
“Alerts – including accidents on the road – often increase by 140% during snowy conditions,” said Finlay Clark, who is the UK head of Waze.
“Speeds are reduced as drivers take more care, from 26mph to 22mph on average (a 16% reduction).
“Meanwhile, a 20% reduction on kilometres driven suggests that many people stay at home and only make essential journeys.”
Warnings of floods have been put in place for parts of Lincolnshire and residents are being told to prepare for large waves and possible flooding.
The plummeting weather has resulted in heavy frost and icy patches on roads across the UK with ice, fog, tiredness, lack of concentration and unusual journey patterns all becoming factors that can possibly lead to collision.
On higher ground, above 200 metres, the Met Office anticipates a 10cm to 20cm covering of snow, while 2cm to 5cm is expected on lower ground. Coastal and hilly areas are expected to face up to 55mph wind gusts.
The RAC says a continuation of the fluctuating weather pattern will take a shift towards the cold, “increasing the chances of problems on the road enormously” for drivers in affected areas.
Following the warnings, RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “The see-saw weather we’ve seen in the last few weeks continues with a switch this week to much colder, and much more unsettled conditions for all of us.
“Even a small amount of snowfall has the potential to cause major disruption for motorists. The fact that drivers in some parts of the country will be faced with strong winds, snow showers and icy stretches increases the chances of problems on the road enormously,” he warned.
“Commuters and those drivers planning longer journeys this week must heed the weather warnings and be prepared for tricky driving conditions and significantly extended journey times.”
The Ministry of Defence said about 100 soldiers from the Catterick army base have been deployed to Skegness, where about 3,000 residents have been urged to leave their homes or move upstairs.
It is estimated that there is going to be 81,571 breakdowns over the weekend, which is also going to have an effect on journey time.
The disruption will be caused by snow that is expected to fall across the country over the next three days.

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