Birmingham toughest place to pass driving test

Birmingham is the most difficult place to pass your test in the UK, a new survey has found.
Veygo analysed pass rates from every test centre in the UK and found Birmingham (the Pavilion) has the lowest pass rate in the country at 29.6%. Birmingham (South Yardley) has the second lowest pass rate at 32.3%.
Inverary has the highest pass rate at 84.9%, followed by Mallaig at 83.3%.
The survey also found that 53% of drivers think that the age limit on learning to drive should be raised to 18. It also revealed that 47% of drivers believe that drivers shouldn’t have to retake their tests at any point, while 20% think a retest should occur every 20 years.
The amount of drivers that pass their test first time is 42.4%, with 17-25 year olds having the highest first time pass rate at 46.6%.

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