Three in 10 motorists witnessed physical abuse on the roads

Three in every 10 motorists (30%) say they have personally witnessed some form of physical abuse related to a driving incident in the past 12 months.
The RAC’s 2019 survey also found that almost half – the equivalent of around 20 million drivers – report that they have seen verbal abuse dished out to another motorist this year.
There is a widespread feeling among drivers that standards of behaviour on our roads have deteriorated significantly over the course of the last decade: 76% of drivers believe that motorists are less patient today than they were in 2009, while 60% say they witness a greater number of road-rage incidents than they did 10 years ago.
The proportion of motorists who say that their single biggest fear is the aggressive behaviour of other drivers has doubled – from 4% to 8% – over the past 12 months.
The menaces on Britain’s roads – ranging from tailgating and texting at the wheel to drink-driving and road rage – have never been greater than they are today, RAC’s research suggests. The equivalent of more than 14 million car owners (36%) say that their top motoring-related concern is some form of illegal, anti-social or dangerous behaviour on the part of other drivers – behaviour that has the potential to put the lives of all other road users at serious risk.

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