16 serious injuries on the roads for each rainy day

Every rainy day sees an average of 16 serious injuries on UK roads.
Analysis of road accident data by car insurance firm Churchill found that, over the past two years, just under 5,000 crashes on wet days have resulted in serious injuries or death – the equivalent of 16 per rainy day.
The company’s analysis of more than 27,000 vehicles over a 48-hour period found that drivers reduce their speed by just 0.7% when it rains. In wet conditions, with surface water on the road after rainfall, the research found that drivers reduce their speed by just 0.8%.
This data, Churchill says, shows that drivers are failing to reduce their speed by any significant amount in wet conditions, despite the Highway Code telling drivers that stopping distances “at least” double in wet weather.
The research also found that almost half (48%) of the vehicles observed by Churchill were exceeding the speed limit in wet or rainy conditions, with 7% topping 80 mph.
Churchill surveyed more than 2,000 people, and found that more than half (55%) admitted not slowing down in the rain. Similarly, 38% said they don’t slow down in windy conditions, while almost a third (31%) don’t slow down on wet roads. And strangely, those who rate themselves as poor drivers are less likely to adapt their speed for bad weather.

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