Is your driving a pleasure or a chore? Are you confident in your driving ability or feel that you would like to ‘do a bit better’? Would you like to take your driving skills to the next level? Would it be even better if you could save money on motoring and maintenance costs and bring down the cost of your insurance? *


Birmingham Advanced Motorists aims to make driving a more enjoyable and rewarding experience by giving you the skills you need to cope with today’s driving pressures; whether on the daily commute or the school run; a long distance drive on the motorway or a country lane drive on a sunny weekend.

Birmingham Advanced Motorists is a group of unpaid volunteers who seek to promote road safety in Birmingham, UK, by offering motorists the opportunity to acquire the skills of Advanced Driving. This guidance is provided by highly trained volunteer observers, all of whom have passed the Advanced Driving Test of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM).

Birmingham Advanced Motorists will teach you the skills and provide guidance to help you to prepare for the IAM Advanced Driving Test in private cars (manual and automatic) as well as commercial vehicles. We would be interested in hearing the views of other motorists; be they individuals or representatives of like-minded organizations, at home or abroad.

* Nearly 70% of drivers who received advanced coaching showed significantly safer skills in a number of key areas, including cornering, gear changing, seating position, safe distances, use of mirrors and speed, according to the scientific comparison of normal and advanced drivers. [Research by Brunel University in West London]

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